First Space

Green Monster - Fur on metal car body, 2x 80x95cm, Brussels, 2018
Kept on a Lead - Iridescent sticker on car glass and clay paw holding a metal chain, 56 x 112cm, Brussels, 2018
Kept on a Lead - Details
Display - Printed tarpaulin and plastic display, 55 x 150cm, Brussels, 2018
Hood in suspension II - Iridescent textile hanging with chain, 150x100cm, Brussels, 2018
Pendulum - Clay paw and metal chain, variable dimensions, Brussels, 2018
Anti scratch protection - Curved tinted glass and stickers, 32 x 40cm, Brussels, 2018
Overview of the room
Overview of the room
Details of the room
The employee of the month - Various materials, 39x35x96cm, Brussels, 2018
The employee of the month - Details
The employee of the month - Details

Temporary project In Situ in the workshops of a scrap dealer. Possess for eight hours a car wreck and create inside, and with it, a composition of ephemeral works. Some of the works presented were created on site with materials brought and others found in the workshop. This project continues to exist only through photographs, videos and fragments extracted from the place.